The cultivated plant Taxonomy Group

It is the mission of Hortax to further understanding of the classification and diversity of cultivated plants through education, communication and collaboration.

Among other things, Hortax publishes interpretive literature, circulates an e-newsletter, organises conferences, maintains an online information resource and is shortly to launch an academic journal.

Through Hortax everyone can share in the unending fascination that studying cultivated plants, in all their variety, can offer.

Latest News

Sad Passing of Lawrie Metcalf

The renowned horticultural taxonomist Lawrie Metcalf has died in August 2017, aged 89.
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5th edition of The CPT Newsletter

The 5th edition of the Cultivated Plant Taxonomy newsletter has just been published.
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By Maksym Kozlenko (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

VII International Symposium on the Taxonomy of Cultivated Plants

Singapore Botanic Gardens is to provide the beautiful backdrop to the next International Symposium on the Taxonomy of Cultivated Plants in February 2019.
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