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A wide variety of resources are available in support of the classification of cultivated plants. Links to information and the websites of national plant collections, herbaria, seed collections, libraries, literature and databases and plant societies are included in this section of the website.

Living plant collections

Reliably named living collections are an invaluable resource in establishing the correct identity of plants in cultivation.

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Herbaria are places where reference collections of dried, pressed plant material are kept.

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seed collections

Seed libraries and seed banks not only help to conserve the diversity of plants in cultivation but, carefully curated, are an important means of ensuring that seed-raised crops remain true to type.

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Libraries are an exceptionally valuable fund of learning and knowledge and scattered across the globe are a number which have accumulated special collections of horticultural and botanical works.

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plant societies

Plant societies provide a structure through which plant material and information can be exchanged and enthusiasm shared.

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literature and databases

In books, journals and online, a vast resource of literature and information has been amassed on subjects relating to cultivated plant nomenclature and taxonomy.

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