Lost Names Project

The Gardeners' Chronicle
The Lost Names Project is a collaborative effort to both present the wealth of taxonomic information which is already available in indexes to early gardening literature, and to also bring to light previously inaccessible taxonomic information that waits to be uncovered.

The Gardeners’ Chronicle

The first collaborative initiative undertaken as part of the Project is to bring together a cumulative index to The Gardeners’ Chronicle. This journal was first published in 1841 and ran for more than a century before merging into The Horticulture Week in the 1970s. It is a periodical of immense value to the study of cultivated plants, being the first place of publication of the names of a great number of garden plants as well as wild taxa. As it is hoped to include all subjects indexed, not just plant names, the project should also be of great service to garden historians and other historical researchers.

At present ten libraries are contributing to the project together with several individual contributors. Hortax is keen to recruit the help of other libraries, institutions or individuals. Please email Hortax if you or your organisation would like to express an interest in participating in the project.

Alpine Garden Society Journal

(by kind permission of the Alpine Garden Society)
The cumulative index to the AGS Journal  contains a full index to the AGS Bulletin / The Alpine Gardener from its initial publication in 1929, including:

  - a main index 1930-2011
  - an index by author 1930 - 2011
  - a geographic index 1930 - 2011

The cumulative index to the AGS Journal


(by kind permission of the Arnold Arboretum)
Arnoldia is the magazine of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University
The website below holds the indexes to Arnoldia  from 1915 to 2009 including:

  - a cumulative index to volumes 1-29 (1941 - 1969)
  - a cumulative index for 1970-2000

Arnoldia indexes


(by kind permission of their compiler, Roy Mottram and the British Cactus and Succulent Society)
Bradleya is the Yearbook of the British Cactus and Succulent Society. You can download PDFs below of the indexes to Volumes 1-31 of the Yearbook.

Index by Subject
Index by Author

Flowering Plants of Africa

(by kind permission of the South African National Biodiversity Institute and their compiler, Roy Mottram)
Flowering Plants of Africa is a magazine containing colour plates with descriptions of flowering plants of Africa and neighbouring islands. The original title to volumes 1-24 was Flowering plants of South Africa but this was changed in 1945.   You can download PDFs below of various indexes.

Index to taxa
Index to chronological list of plates and their authors

plant heritage journal

(by kind permission of the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens).